Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Analoue Hobbies Challenge #5: More ACW Guns and a Panzer III

 The latest submissions to the Challenge include 2 more Confederate guns & crews plus a Panzer III, all in 28mm.  The artillery pieces and crews are metal models from the Perry's.

 These figures were painted as "generic" rebels and aren't really from any specific unit - sometimes it's helpful to have some non-specific inits to fill out the ranks for a scenario.

 The inclusion of these 2 batteries bring my Confederate "artillery park" up to six guns.  The army as it stands today consists of 13 infantry regiments, 2 cavalry (mounted and dismounted) and 6 guns/crews.

 My stockpile of unpainted ACW artillery is now exhausted.  I will be waiting for the upcoming Perry plastic artillery box set to come out before enlarging the artillery park for either side.

 The next submission is a 28mm scale Panzer IIIJ from Blitzkrieg Models.  It's an all resin kit and the casting is superb.  I continue to be very impressed by the quality of the Blitzkrieg vehicles.

 This model was painted for either the North Africa or Italian theaters of operation.  My 28mm scale WWII bits box is rather depleted so I didn't add any storage.

 I did use the new Vallejo "sand wash" on the model and was very pleased with the results.
 The antenna is just a length of thin brass rod.
I need to get onto some DAK infantry figures to accompany this model.

I highly recommend Blitzkrieg Models for anyone looking to add some WWII vehicles to their armies in 28mm scale.


DeanM said...

Great looking artillery battery and panzer, Miles. I saw some 1:48 scale stuff from Blitzkrieg too. Best, Dean

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Great stuff! Nice battery. Can't see how the South lost with Pz III's (though North had at least one Sherman). It's a fine big model. Well done.