Saturday, March 15, 2014

28mm Union Regiment

 For a change of pace, I decided to paint up a Union regiment.  28mm Perry plastics but from their original box set.  While these figures are fine one can really see the skill improvement both the Perry's and their caster, Renedra, have gained over the past few years of producing other plastic sets.

 This unit was meant to have more of a Western theatre feel to it (hence no kepi's).

With the completion of this unit, I'm close to be doing model wise for Historicon with 15-16 infantry regiments, 2 cavalry regiments and 6-8 artillery batteries per side.  I still need to add in a few more units but will shift my focus to terrain now that the painting challenge is drawing to an end.


DeanM said...

Another fine ACW unit, Miles. Haven't picked up of the newer Perry plastics - but was already impressed with the earlier Napoleonic sets. Best, Dean

Moiterei_1984 said...

Great looking unit!