Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Challenge in Review

 Well the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has come and gone.  Pictured is what I was able to finish during the three months of frantic painting.  I tallied up an impressive (for me) 2,079 points and placed 7th out of 61 total participants.  All scores were personal bests for me and I'm very pleased with the outcome and, as always, had a blast with the event.  I managed to finish over 225 28mm scale infantry figures!
 To the left is a hodge podge of stuff from WW2 tanks / landing craft, some "Wild Bunch" character figures, some prototype models for All Quiet on the Martian Front and even a 1/2400 scale model of the titanic.
 Similar to last year, the bulk of my productivity was 28mm Perry ACW figures.  I managed to complete Hood's brigade, 2 Union infantry regiments, 6 batteries of artillery and Dismounted cavalry for both sides.  I've have found the Challenge to be extremely helpful in making sure I complete armies that I've committed for 'con games!

Lastly, on the right another hodge-podge of stuff including 28mm Perry Napoleonic French generals, a unit of Templar Knights and just a few of the 42 1/6000 scale IJN ships I completed just for a change of pace from ACW.

Missing from the picture are 10 28mm armed Mexican Villagers I painted for Curt as the entrance fee for the Challenge.  Those figures are now traveling to the great white north of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Thanks again to Curt for orchestrating a fabulous Challenge this year - I'm looking forward to next year already!


Andrew Saunders said...

Excellent work Miles throughout

Peter Douglas said...

Excellent array of figures. I am looking forward to seeing your Mexicans when they arrive in the frozen North.
Your table looks amazing - well done!

DeanM said...

Miles - it is an impressive amount of excellent work you completed in a short period. Best, dean

jmilesr said...

Peter: The table was a fun project to do with my son. It's designed to serve as both a game table and a robotics workbench so it's designed to hold over 500 lbs. Hopefully my collection will never get that big!

Monty said...

Great work Miles; I'm always impressed and more than a little envious at your set up - very nice ;)

john de terre neuve said...

Great job as usual Miles, and I see you managed to beat me this year. Maybe a personal challenge may be in the offing for next year!


jmilesr said...

Thanks for the comments!

John - your on for a duel in next years challenge (as long as the scoring is on quantity rather than quality!)


Curt C said...

It was a pleasure Miles and congratulations on your overall quality and productivity. It was very inspiring to see your progress over the three months.