Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Challenge Comes to A Close

 Curt's annual Painting Challenge has come to a close after three months of hectic painting.  It was a blast to be a participate in and the quality of the submissions have been mind blowing.  Tamsin and I ended up in a bit of a good natured duel for 5th place and I'm not sure how that will sort out.  I suspect someone will leap frog both of us but that's not all that important - it was a fun duel.  Of course, if the scoring was based on quality rather than quantity, Tamsin would have easily crushed me!

My final score will be over 2,000 points, which is the equivalent of painting 400+ 28mm infantry figures (at 5 points per).  I'm pleased with my production and have managed to pretty much complete the forces I'll need for the big ACW game I'll put on at Historicon this year.

 My final entries consisted of another 24 figure Union Infantry regiment and the third gun, crew and caisson.  All of the figures are 28mm Perry plastics.  I've run out of Union flags so the unit doesn't currently have any colors!

 Another shot of the ACW plastics.  Over the course of the challenge I completed 6 - 24 figure infantry regiments (4 confederate, 2 Union), 8 guns and crews and 27 Dismounted cavalry troopers.  
 A close up of the Perry plastic gun and crew.  I highly recommend the Perry plastic artillery - they are great models and a very cost-effective way to build up an artillery park.  I hope they come out with a plastic set for the Napoleonic French!

 Also finished was a 28mm scale British Honey tank from Blitzkrieg models.  Again no decals as my stock is depleted.
Lastly, my final figure is intended to be used as a hero marker for Longstree.  Upon completing Hood's brigade, Curt posted a picture of himself as a ACW re-enactor complete with flowing blonde hair.  I decided to add some green stuff based locks to this figure to poke a little fun at Curt's expense.

Hat's off to Curt for running yet another amazing event.  Please go over to his blog and check out all the entries - it's well worth your time.

Now that the challenge is concluded, I need to turn my attention to terrain making!


Andrew Saunders said...

It was a good challenge and Ienjoyed following your project throughout. Have a nice rest Miles look forward to seeing some of the terrain.

TamsinP said...

Well, TimB has just leapfrogged us. although he's only a few points ahead of you, his Last Stand entry had 16 figures so I don't think you can catch him. And of course there is Fran's bonkers Last Stand entry which will probably leapfrog him ahead of us and maybe Tim.

It has been fun vying with you for the 5th place, but we both forgot to keep our eyes out for low flying sandbags from other Challengers.

Fantastic achievement Miles :)

Francis Lee said...

Nice work all round sir.

Ray Rousell said...

Some great looking figures Miles and well done in the Challenge!!

Michael Mills said...

Well done Miles. It's been great fun and I've really enjoyed your ACW posts which is something else as i have little interest in it typically.

Paul oftheManCave said...

What an outstanding achievement Miles! I've been quite astounded with the breadth of your entries, as well as your usual top notch quality. From ships to tanks, from ACW to the Marian Front, its all been a blast! Well done mate.

jmilesr said...

Many thanks for the kind comments. I had a blast with this year's challenge which has as much to do with the quality of the other participants than it has to do with the joy of painting - thank you all very much.

Another big plus was the duel with Ms Tamsin - a very worthy and high quality challenger. Perhaps in the next challenge we can combine forces to crush the sand baggers!


Monty said...

Hi Miles,

some very nice miniatures that you presented. And 2.000 points in three months is a more than excellent result. And ending with a funny thing like ACW-Curt is a good punchline. :-)