Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bolt Action (or any 28mm skirmish game) objective markers

The Bolt Action tournament at Cold Wars is this coming Saturday (March 8th) and I'm making my usual last minute preparations.  One of the nicer traditions of the event is the exchange of objective markers between players.  While not a requirement most of the participants make objective markers that they provide to the other player as a moment of the event.  I think it's a grand tradition and is one of the reasons I like the BA community so much.

Each objective marker uses a 60mm round base - I'm using the plastic ones from Renedra provided to me by the fine people at Architects of War.  From left to right there's a fuel dump, and artillery observation post and a small bunker / machine gun nest.  Hopefully I'll get these finished up tonight.

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styx said...

Very nice, that may be something to encourage down here for our larger events!