Monday, March 3, 2014

The Walk: Challenge Fortnight Submission: Favorite Character

 My latest submission to the Analogue Hobbies Challenge Fortnight Bonus Theme is four figures in 33mm that frame up the scene called "The Walk" from Sam Peckinpaw's "Wild Bunch".

 The figures are available from Gringo's 40 through the Oniria Miniatures line.  Since the theme for this year's challenge is the Wild Bunch, I couldn't think of a better submission.

 Service from Gringo's 40 was top notch - I received the figures within a week of ordering and I'm based in the US and they're in the UK.  The models are all metal and took a little time to assemble.  This wasn't due to the models being fiddly, it was more me getting adjusted to working in a slightly larger scale than the 28mm I usually model with.

 A close up of Pike and Dutch - the character Dutch (played by Ernest Borgnine) is my favorite in the movie.

 A close up of Lyle Gorch (Warrren Oates)
 The two Gorch brothers - Tector and Lyle.  Yes, Tector was the name used in the movie!
One last shot.  I really liked the extra detail in the larger miniatures and may try another larger group (say 40mm) for a future skirmish gaming project.


Andrew Saunders said...

Very nice Miles

Phil said...

Excellent, great looking figures with beautiful details...

DeanM said...

That's them alright - their poses are unmistakable

Ray Rousell said...

Top work Miles!!!