Monday, April 21, 2014

15mm Battlefront Brumbars

A little modeling work over the weekend.  I've had a box of 4 15mm Battlefront Brumbars sitting on the lead pile for almost four years and thought I should get them built up.  The Brumbar was an assault gun with a heavy 150mm Howitzer on a Panzer IV chassis.  Since these where old battlefront models, I had a very detailed and finicky set of Schurzen (the armor panels on the side) to apply.  I added a post (from the sprue) to provide some beter support to hold the panels on the model better.  The post is roughly 3/8 of an inch long and is superglued to the center of the track piece.

 Here's another shot of the post.  Since if has three points of contact, it's a very strong bond.  The next step is then using a combination of super glue for the top contact points and plastic glue on the post to affix the panels to the tank.

While not as detailed as the original model would be, the bond is very strong and the model will hold up under table top usage.


Monty said...

Nice work, Miles. It remindes me of a Italeri 1/72 Brummbär on my to do list...


DeanM said...

That is a beast - love the zimmerit