Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Return to FOW and 15mm Modeling

 With the publishing of the new Italy Campaign books, my interest in Flames of War has been re-kindled and I wanted to finish off some units that have long been on the painting to-do list.  This morning I checked off some recoilless fire support for my FJG units and some Marder III's.

All of the models, except the Sherman, are Battlefront.

The Italy force lists only have entries for the 75mm recoilless guns (the smaller of the two) but they're very cheap and provide a nice level of fire support and AT for a German list.   I also completed two Kubelwagons which had been sitting around forever waiting to get done.

 Next up is some AT support with a lot more punch and mobility - 4 Marder III's.  I really like these units as they're a good AT asset and have mobility that FJG's lack.  Of course if they get caught out in the open they don't last too long on the table.  I like how the camp pattern came out.  I followed "Dirty"Jon Baber's tutorial on german camo using a stippling painting technique - check out the tutorial here - it's worth the time.  It's much better than my previous German camo efforts which likely means some re-painting of previous units is in my near future.

 Some of the Marders were missing crew figures and some pieces but most were easily scratch but.  I'm looking forward to getting these guys on the table.
 Lastly, a lone Sherman for Plastic Soldier Companies first Sherman box set (M4A1's).  The PSC models are "OK" and this tank will be used as an observer for a Priest battery.
All of the tanks have mud added to the tracks and undercarriages.  I'll post a tutorial later this week on how I do the mud.

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