Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Gathering Storm

 Spring is usually remembered as a time of renewal, a new start, a hopefully beginning.  For me that's true, but there's also a more ominous side of Spring - my wife's annual party for her women dental students.  The storm clouds are gathering over our humble homestead as the feast is prepared and the young ladies begin to descend upon us.  At this very moment, I'm typing this post in hiding but I'm sure to be discovered so my time is short.

 The food this year is Provincial French, with a bit more seafood than usual.  Some of you may actually believe the legends that young ladies don't eat all that much, preferring to peck at their food like anorexic doves.  That legend is false - these ladies are eating machines, especially around the chocolate mouse (my own recipe) or the strawberry cake.  Don't get between a 20 something dental lioness and her prey - you are not likely to survive the encounter.

I had to cut my recon mission short as they are gathering - I only hope I've got time to get back to the basement before being discovered.....


john de terre neuve said...

Be honest now, Miles you love it!


CelticCurmudgeon said...

Our collective prayers go with you!
The Celtic Curmudgeon

"Grumpy is good."

jmilesr said...


I'm shocked at your allegations - how can anyone view being surrounded by 40-50 twenty somethings on a beautiful Spring day in a wife-sanctioned event be anything but a dreadful experience.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it

Curt C said...

I had about four of five very off-colour things to suggest but good taste and common sense oddly prevailed. I can only say I shall try to time a future visit during one of these storied fetes!