Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4 15mm Brumbars Done

 A platoon of 4 15mm German Brumbar assault guns is now ready for the table top.  These are Battlefront models that I've had hidden in the lead pile for ages (I think at least 4 years).

 These are painted up for Italy and the models where very easy to put together.  They still need a bit of dry brushing but I like how they came out.
 In the background you can see some other various support units being prep'd and/or painted.

From a Flames of War rules perspective the Brumbar is relatively cheap (70 points per vehicle vs 90 for a Panzer IV) and can be devastating against dug in / stationary targets.  The gun has a very short range and only has one shot per turn (vs the normal 2 for almost every other vehicle in the game).

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