Sunday, April 27, 2014

After the Storm

 It's over.  I have emerged from my female proof bomb shelter (the game room) dazed and a bit unsteady on my feet but secure in the knowledge I have survived yet another women's dental student soirée.  While the memories are still painful, I feel it's my duty to bear witness to the carnage I have seen, if only to warn my fellow man of the dangers posed by such conclaves.

 At great personal risk, I organized and executed several recon and re-supply missions from my basement sanctuary.  My quiche lorraine supply runs were especially successful.  Unfortunately, my attempts to seize both Salmon and the Honey baked ham depots met with fierce resistance and were, ultimately ineffective.  These Ladies just didn't want to give up their Salmon.

Intelligence gathering was an equally important aspect of my missions - here's a shot of my wife instructing her pupils in how to effectively train a husband.  The only words I could make out were "spare the rod and spoil the man".  Her students seemed to be "shudder" eager learners.

 A few combat action shots showing the young ladies tearing into their rations.  One of their supply depots is in the foreground of the picture.

 Yes, mass quantities of food was consumed.  I am very happy to report that all 56 of the chocolate mousse cups I made this morning were consumed and the raspberry topping sauce was particularly popular.  I am abetter cook than I am a painter.

 More action shots of the Ladies.
Sure, those smiles might make you think these are very nice young ladies who both adore my wife and tolerate her odd husband who makes pastries and plays with toy soldiers.  You could think that and, if you did, you'd be right.

It was another fun event for Mary Beth and her students.  This year we had two special guest a new born and am 8 month baby.  I got to babysit the 8th month old, young master Ignacio III, who I promptly brought down to the game table to try and teach gaming to.  You can never start them too young.

If anyone's interested, I could schedule a gaming event at the house next year in April and "accidentally" have it coincide with the Spring Women's Dental Student event.  It's not a half bad event to attend.


Monty said...

Great work! That should keep you in good standing for the rest of the year!

Oh, the food looks fantastic.

Grenzer John said...

Yer a brave man!

Paul W said...

Well done, if you can survive that you can survive anything! Getting in between a woman and cake is like getting in between a mother bear and her cub... it always ends badly :-)

Loki said...

Good to hear of the survival and some success at the ration grab ;)