Friday, May 16, 2014

Re-Posts Of Monte Casino Terrain Maling Posts

 I've received several requests for more info on the "Monte Casino" terrain section I built way back in 2010 so here are some more pictures.

The following links are older blog posts that track the building of the 2x4 foot section:

Monte Casino Terrain I

Monte Cassino Terrain II

Monte Cassino Terrain III
 I should really refresh this terrain as my terrain skills have improved a bit and I've also gained a better grasp of "engineering terrain" that facilitates game play.  Not all terrain that looks good is easy to play on.  That might be the basis for a series of blog posts.
 You will be seeing a number of battle reports using this piece of section terrain now that the WWPD Italy Campaign is in full swing


Phil said...

What a splendid table!

Ubique Matt said...

Very impressive terrain.

Anonymous said...

I agree that some of the hills might not be easy to fight on, but still... The table looks more than just splendid!

Mark Burgess said...

wow, great terrain!

MarkG said...

Very Impressive looking terrain board.

Scott Bowman said...

Nice layout!