Wednesday, July 9, 2014

1 Week to Historicon and Sectional Terrain River Test Section

 Yikes - it's one week until Historicon and I'm still making terrain for my games.  At least it's better than my usual rush of painting figs for games the day before - all the miniatures I need are done and ready to be packed.  The final terrain section are some river banks that will merge Ernie's existing terrain sections with mine and form a river bank and small dock.  I've made the first pass with ground covering and I', letting that dry for an hour or so before going over it again.

 Here's a shot of the four foot section of river bank along with a dock I built in 10 minutes from scrap wood on-hand.  Unfortunately it looks like I spent 10 minutes on it so I'll need to figure a way to dress it up.

 The "10 minute dock".  I used an old model railroader trick to "age the wood" - a few drops of black india ink in rubbing alcohol.  The picture shows the results after a single pass.  Each successive pass darkens a bit more.

 The tail end of the river section has the start of a beach...
 Here's the final section (for 5 feet in total).  It boasts a beach (hmmm, I wonder where the Union waterborne force will need to land in my "Sink the Tennessee!" game).  The rocks will have some trees and maybe an Easter egg for visual detail and to add some height to the rivers edge.

Lastly, unrelated to Historicon is my rough build of a river section.  Work will have to stop on the sectional terrain project until I get on the other side of Historicon.  I am really excited about this project but have figured out some changes I need to make in my approach.


Stefan said...

Good progress, Miles!
Carry on like that.

Red Dog said...

Looking good! Don't sell yourself short either, that dock looks like at least 20 minutes of work! :-)