Friday, July 11, 2014

2014 Historicon Prep

 The river sedge sections have been completed - 5 feet of river's edge on two sections (one 4' and the other a foot).

 I'm pleased with how they came out.  I have decided to redo the water it's just too damn blue.
A shot with the Union Monitor in the picture - at 28mm these are big darn models.  Also completed on the HCON to-do list are all the player handouts / cards / charts for both games.  All that's left is some shading on 8 Confederate artillery figs and I think it will be time to start packing.

I'm also painting up a few vehicles for the Bolt Action tournament on saturday - still trying to decide wether to play Brits or Japanese.


Paul oftheManCave said...

Looks fantastic Miles - looking forward to some action shots!

Ray Rousell said...

Looks awesome!!!

MarkG said...

Those look very nice. And damn big in 28mm.

Phil said...

Looks great!!

Doc Smith said...

Awesome Miles. Having just done a Con myself, I know the amount of work you've put in for this. You can see the results - these iron clad river monsters in 28mm are very striking - don't forget plenty of kapok for smoke!

All the best for Historicon pal. Looking forward to the action report!