Monday, July 14, 2014

First Tomatoes of the Year!

 Yes, I know there are much more important things to blog about, like frantic Historicon preparations but there are other activities.  My wife's garden has recovered from a rocky start and has yielded it's first of, hopefully many tomatoes.  Cherry tomatoes to be specific.

 We've planted 16 tomatoes plants in two beds of 5 different species (including my favorite Roma's).  The planting has been staggered to hopefully keep us in tomatoes at least throughout the first frost in October.

 My monster tomato stalk - it's 7 feet tall and still growing.  I repainted the deer fencing this year and think it came out rather well.

 Some okra

 Eggplant - one has to have eggplant in any garden

Beets - I'm not a fan of beets but my wife (MB) likes them and I work for her.  Not pictured are the usual Zucchini, Cucumber and Pepper plants.  I had a good bit of lettuce but it went to seed so was pulled out.  It's just about time to plant brussels sprouts so I think they will be the next to go in.

My apologies for the breach in protocol by posting a non-gaming item but getting the garden in top shape was one of the tasks I was assigned to earn my Historicon pass so it's kind of related to miniature gaming.  I also use the tomatoes and peppers to make salsa for gamers during game nights so that fact makes gardening a critical aspect of the gaming life.


Hendrid said...

Wow, growing tomatoes outside! Hope they taste as good as they look :-)

Thomas Richter said...


DeanM said...

No apologies necessary, Miles. The sunshine and garden look great!

VolleyFireWargames said...

None-Wargaming? What can be more important than have food for the troops!!!! Every wargamer should be a gardener - just think how much more money we would have for more lead miniatures!!! Kudos on the Jack in the beanstalk Tomato plant!! Roma's are our favorite too!
PS enjoy Historicon was hoping to go this year but not able too. Even though I was in PA back in May on business.