Saturday, January 3, 2015

All Quiet on the Martian Front: US Land Ironclad

 I present to you the mighty US Land Ironclad  Nashville: Defender of Memphis and Scourge of the Red Menace.

A Land Ironclad is the apex predator of the US Arsenal in All Quiet on the Martian Front and it's a massive model at over 13 inches long and 11 high.  The whole thing also weighs 5 pound as it's mostly resin.
 A close up of the conning tower show's she's already claimed two of the dreaded tripods with her mighty guns.

 I added the scaffolding and scout car to give her some dedicated recon support - made the model feel more battleship-like to me.

 A few shots down the port side...

 I downloaded images of WW1 US Navy semaphore flags.  The messaging on the left guy wire spells out AHPCV - since I've submitted this kit for the challenge, I thought it should message the same.

 A picture next to my Rubicon 28mm Tiger tank for a size comparison.

Nameplate and close up of the scour car rig.  I know it's kind of silly but it was fun to add.
 Bridge crew planning their next move

 I'm planning to build out a Naval Brigade for AQMF and wanted them to standout form the rest of my US stuff - hence the blue helmets.

 A few pictures of the scaffolding being built - it's just a few pieces of styrene plastic.
The hardest part was tying on the platform and getting the it to be level.

I highly recommend this model - it's was  a lot of fun to put together and detail.


Moiterei_1984 said...

That's a massive beast of a landship! You've really done a marvellous job on it. Really love your attention to detail like the flags and the recon vehicle. Now you only need to make it a RC vehicle ;-)

Monty Luhmann said...

What a fantastic beast! The scout car mod was simply brilliant. I can't wait to see it in an AAR.

Phil said...

Very nice and very impressive!

Paul O'G said...

This is a fantastically jaw dropping build Miles. I was impressed with the AHPCV entry but these extra pic really drive it home. The extras you've added are very thematic and I particularly like the flag signal halyards and kill markings.

I don't want at all to be perceived as a 'button counter' (particularly for VSF themed models!) so I provide this information for your information and not out of even constructively based criticism: the US Navy used Grey Painted helmets which would also stand out from the standard doughboys. The bright blue helmets are nevertheless distinctive and add some nice colour I think.

Awesome Awesome Awesome model and I can't wait to see pics of the NASHVILLE in action!

Panzer Kaput said...

Thats a lovely model and a nice addition with the scout car and the scaffolding, nice touch.

jmilesr said...

Thanks for the comments

I went with blue for the helmets more to stand out and the fact that I've already got some LA state Militia troops with great helmets

Dannoc said...

Wow now that's some piece of kit.

DeanM said...

Fantastic model, Miles! This will be a commanding presence on any battlefield. That command tower really gives the impression of a "landship." Awesome way to ring in the new year. Happy 2015!

Secundus said...

Love it! Great model and I love your extra touches.

peter said...

Fantastic and massive model! Also great to see some troops on it!
Great work, model on!


Michael Peterson said...

I'm not sure if I had the chance to praise this properly on the Challenge blog but this is gonzo fantastic, over the top VSF gaming goodness of the highest order. It makes me think that if Gerry and Sylvia Anderson were to do a 1960s-era TV show about this period using puppets, this is the sort of thing they'd dream up, which is high praise in my books.
Well done indeed.

Tony said...

This looks fantastic and must have been a great deal of fun to complete.

Very well done.


Captain Darling said...

Good looking Landship with nice updates.

Well done!