Saturday, January 10, 2015

Yet More DAK!

 More Support choices for my 28mm DAK force.  First up some mobile artillery in the form of a Sig 33 assault gun.  The model is from Blitzkrieg and the two crew figures are Perry metals.

 It's a great model and the cast is superb.  Assembly was fairly easy - glue the gun in place and I was done!
 The Sig 33 was based on a lengthen Panzer II chassis - it's a stretch assault gun.  12 vehicles were built and all went to serve in North Africa.

 Next up is a Soviet M1938 122mm Howitzer.  The Germans captured massive numbers of these and I'm hoping they sent a few to Africa 'cause thats what I painted it for.

 The model is a 3D print from Trenchworx and is superb.  I really suggest you try out their stuff it's fantastic.

I had some visitors the other day - there were another 5 or 6 outside the frame of the shot.  Apparently, in the winter, our shrubbery becomes a highly regarded salad bar!


Paul O'G said...

Very nice actions Miles - one rarely sees a Sig 33 on the table!

Michael Mills said...

Very nice DAK indeed mate. How's the old spreadsheet looking?

DeanM said...

Great looking support guns. Cool Visitors !