Sunday, January 11, 2015

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Update: Week V

Wow - with the conclusion of week 5, we're now 1/3rd of the way through the AHPCV  Points wise, I'm very pleased with my progress and ahead of "plan".  Total points accrued so far are 1,527 out of a planned 2,404.  28 separate entries have been submitted.  I should note that my total includes 170 points for the "Colonial" fortnight challenge which will show up on the official score in a week or so..

My previous challenges followed a pattern of a burst of activity in the first third, a bit of a slow down in the the middle followed by another burst in the last third.  This year will prove no different as the next few weeks will by filled with some business travel to the UK, coaching robotics events and general "life-type" stuff.

I do have some more "All Quiet on the Martian Front" mini's on the painting table that are 90% done (basing needs to be completed) but after that will need to prep some more figures.

In terms of overall standings, as of this morning I'm ranked number 2, trailing Millsy by 241 points and just ahead of DavidD by 9 points.  With my upcoming painting "pause" I suspect that my rankings will fall a bit but overall I'm comfortable that my goal of a top 5 finish is still achievable.  There may be a few weeks of "vacation for painting" required to ensure a top 5 placement goal becomes reality.

I do have two side challenges.  Mr Millsy and I are vying to see which one of us "spreadsheet jockeys" can get the most points and he does seem to be pulling ahead (where do all those Orc's come from?).  I suspect he's got a comfortable lead but, then again, I may have something up my sleeve.....

My second challenge is ship modeling related (naval or space) with me Roy, Robert and David racing to see who can get to 250 points of ship related submissions.  I've only got 99 points to date, so some focus is needed there.

One of the more amazing things about the Challenge is the level of activity that Curt must manage - we've had close to 300-320 posts. most of which with multiple entries  in the first 5 weeks of this "Geek Gladiatorial" contest.  All-in-all, the challenge is great fun and really making a dent in my lead mountain.


Paul O'G said...

Great work mate, keep it hop!

I agree with you in regard to Curt' workload.
I was glad to see he changed some of the blog management this year to reduce the admin he has to do

Martin Cooke said...

Your output is indeed impressive and the variety and quality of your work is inspiring.
Your Nashville is brilliant.
I'm really enjoying the Challenge and I have learnt a lot about painting and purchased models I would never have thought about to test my skills.
How Curt manages to administer the Challenge I'll never know.
Now aiming for 4th place.


Michael Mills said...

Q. where do all those Orc's come from?.
A. The seemingly fathomless lead pile.

"I may have something up my sleeve....."
Your arm?

As to my "lead", nothing is set in stone. I will definitely have to slow down at some point too. I'm back at work today. Oh the horror!

Ray Rousell said...

You do seem to have upped your game this year, keep up the great work!