Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Analogue Painting Hobbies Update: WW2 in Multiple Scales

 A WW2 mix of submissions for the Painting Challenge last week,  in both 28mm & 15mm scales.
 First up is a DAK Pak 38 AT gun / crew plus a Kubelwagen field car in 28mm.  All of the models are from the Perry;s WW2 line with the figures being metals and the car resin.

 These will be used as part of my growing DAK army which should see it's tabletop debut at the Cold Wars BA tournament.

Next up is a US Armored Rifle Platoon in 15mm scale from Battlefront Miniatures.  All of the figures and vehicles are plastics from the new box set and I must say I was impressed with the quality.  I find painting plastics much easier than metals and these were a joy to paint up.

 Lastly another entry in 15mm WW2 from Battlefront - a German Pioneer platoon.  These are old Battlefront metals that I've had primed for painting for a few years but never got around to actually putting paint on the guys until now.

 To be honest that casts are really poor and required a lot of clean up and I found painting them to be at best a chore.  They will be fun to get on the tabletop as Pio's are always a fun unit to field.
I also tried the Battlefront rubble bases which I liked but I also was a bit lazy in finishing off - I need to go back and dress up the bases a bit.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Very nice. Particularly like the PAK 38.

Paul Waechter said...

Lovely work, and no time wasted getting them done either! I'm undecided about the BF rubble bases. They look good when they're finished, but for all the tidying up work it may just be easier to make them from scratch!