Thursday, February 12, 2015

28MM Wasp Flamethrower

 I've added a 28mm scaled Wasp flamethrower tank to my British force to give them a little more "punch".  The model is from Warlord and comes as a single piece resin cast with metal heads for the crew.  The casting quality was very high which was a pleasant surprise as I've had bad luck with resin vehicles from Warlord.

I went with a very simple paint job but decided to paint the carrier for use in the Pacific rather than the desert.  Most of my Brits are painted up as 8th Army in the Western Desert but they can also serve in the Pacific theater if needed.

This model was submitted as part of the "Hot" fortnight challenge over at the AHPCV


Mark G said...

Nice work. Nice little model too. Change to see one in green rather than desert sand.

Ian said...

Love the little guy, had a lot of fun with these in ASL, punch way above their weight


DeanM said...

Wow, that's a weird little AFV - nice work on it of course; but seeing it spit flames must've been unnerving for both the crew and the targets.

styx said...

Great work! My friend painted his up a few months back.

Michael Peterson said...

Very useful and quite terrifying little vehicles. You've done a nice job with rust and light weathering. A clever "Hot" entry.