Monday, February 16, 2015

28mm WW2 Gurkha's and a M3 Grant Tank

My next project for the AHPCV is a small force of Gurkha's in 28mm scale and a M3 Grant tank.  The figures are metals from a Warlord Box set that has 21 figures (1 Officer, 2 Bren Gunners, 18 Riflemen).  The Grant tank is a Resin Model from Blitzkrieg miniatures.

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy gamer, I do have to say the casting quality of the Gurkha's is abysmal.  I spent over 6 hours cleaning flash, tailings and repairing the figures before priming them.  I like how they eventually came out but will likely stick to only Warlord plastics in the future.  Warlord's plastic kits have become superb and are well worth the investment.  The metals, well, not so much.

The M3 Grant is a superb resin kit - easy to put together and just 3 flicks of the X-acto knife's worth of clean-up work.  Both units will be painted up for service in Burma.  My current British army has dual painting theme - roughly 3/4's are Western Desert / Italy and the remaining third (the Gurkha's and some vehicles are painted for Burma).  While a bit "gamey" I can mix the forces and the different painting helps my opponent keep track of where the dreaded Gurkha's are on the board.

I've started an internal debate on which army to take the Cold Wars the DAK or the Brits

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night due to the cold - it was -20F with the wind chill.  Why?  One of the charming things about the Chesapeake Bay is it's where Canadian Geese choose to winter - we'll get a couple thousand of these waddling lawn fertilizing machines in the Broad Creek and they're not bad to have around (as long as one doesn't where dress shoes while walking through he yard!).  There is one drawback - when the temperature drops to 15F or lower they tend to honk at night and the colder it gets, they louder they are.  They were very loud last night!


David Sullivan said...

I have three of the Blitzkrieg Grants. Love 'em! All the Blitzkrieg models I've seen are amazing well done.

I tend to avoid the Warlord figures, although I like their models--even if they are a lot more fiddly than Blitzkrieg. We're doing Western Desert using mostly the Artizan figures, which are HUGE compared to Warlord and Perry plastics.

paulalba said...

Nice modelling,
I mind seeing the Canada geese somewhere close to corolla food lion, OBX when is was over on holiday a number of years ago, cracking looking birds.

Martin Cooke said...

The warlord WW2 figs I have, Finns, were similarly poorly cast but I have some nice Sakae Cavalry.
As for the geese we don't have that problem in NE England but we do have the most inland colony of Kittywakes in the world. They and the gulls tend to dive bomb you for your chips