Friday, February 13, 2015

6mm Micro Armor for Fate of a Nation

I've recently completed a fun little side project - Arab and Israeli armies in 6mm to be used with the Flames of War rules supplement "Fate of A Nation"

I like using the FOW rules with 6mm minis and it's a cost effective way to field large formations when trying out the new rules.  All of the mini's are from GHQ.  The armor models are superb but the infantry are not the best.

First up is a United Arab Republic Tank regiment.  In total the UAR army has 25 T-55's, 15 T-34/85's, 10 PT-76's, 5 ZSU-57 anti air, 5 Su-100's, and a full mechanized infantry company.  There are also 15 T-62's but thats more for 1973 scenarios.

The Israeli's are fielding 10 Magach 3's, 10 Ishermans (Super Shermans), 10 Centurions, 5 AmX-13, 4 recoilless rifle jeeps, 5 M109s and armored infantry platoon.

It's a total of 136+ vehicles all painted in a few days.

I'll put up a battle report soon


TamsinP said...

A nice little side-project indeed.

Fantastic work Miles :)

Ray Rousell said...

A perfect period for 6mm gaming, they do look very tasty indeed, nice one Miles!

Edzard said...

Amazing stuff, and you paint a lot faster than I do.

DeanM said...

Very nice force - and a great way to get such a large army on the table both quickly and economically. I like the idea of using 6mm for FoW; which I've never played before. I may try this combination out someday. Regards, Dean

Paul O'G said...

Great stuff Miles - 6mm seems a much more sensible way to play FoW and avoid the silly 'tank park' effect