Friday, February 6, 2015

More 28mm Perry DAK

 I've added some more support units to my growing DAK 28mm DAK army for both Bolt Action and Chain of Command.  All the minis are Perry metals.

 First up a heavy machine gun team
 Next the Perry DAK command group
 A 81mm Mortar team
 And a Kettenkrad 'cause they're cool!

 I will be trying some sabot movement trays with the mortar team - hopefully it speeds up play without sacrificing the visual appeal.  Of course I still need to scenic the tray.


john de terre neuve said...

That DAK army is starting to come together.


DeanM said...

Nice, WIP shots, Miles. I see you may be using horde movement trays; I've gone to that for these types of games. Makes the game play much faster and simpler.

Monty said...

Looking good, Miles!

Michael Mills said...

Nice one Miles. A healthy addition to the points tally!