Monday, February 9, 2015

AHPCV: Week 9 Update

We're almost 2/3rd's complete with the Challenge and I surprisingly still remain "ahead of plan".  My current points tally is 2,070, which is a bit higher than Curt's official tally as it includes the points for two fortnight challenges (Hot and Comedic) which have been completed but not yet scored.

Progress will be limited as much on my free time is consumed with robotics coaching as the team is doing very well and we have a very legitimate shot to go to the World Championship.  The whole work thing is also getting in the way but one does have to fund the lead mountain in some manner.

Next up on the workbench is the second half of my Arab / Israeli 6mm FOW project which should add another 150 points to the tally.  After that I'm unsure what will be next.  There are some support units (artillery / cavalry) from the Perry British Intervention Force (alternative ACW) line that are on back order but those will arrive when they choose to do so.  In addition to the Perry BIF, I also need to finish up a few ironclads for my Historicon game.  Lastly, there will be some more All Quiet on the Martian Front stuff because it's just fun to both paint and play.

And then - who knows.  The lead pile is very much diminished - that's always the sign of a great Challenge experience.


Paul O'G said...

Good luck in your Robo-Rally! :-)

DeanM said...

Very industrious as always, Miles. Impressive stamina!

Phyllion said...

What's the point of a plan if you're. To going to stick to it? ;-)

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Very good so far... Carry on!