Friday, June 26, 2015

More Armada Fun - With a Space Mat!

 Yesterday's mail brought a very welcome surprise - a space gaming mat made by Steven M from WWPD.  Apparently seeing my son and I play Armada on our dining room table was too much for his aesthetic sensibilities.  In order to "stop the madness" Steve sent us one of the gaming mats he's made.  It was a very generous and deeply appreciated gesture.  The first game on the mat had Sean as the Rebels and me as the Empire.

 The end of turn three - it's setting up to be a bad turn four for the Star Destroyer!  The next few turns had the Star Destroyer blowing up and both the Rebels Assault Frigate and Neb B driving off the board.  The fighters effectively canceled each other out and it was down to a lightly damaged Gladiator vs a very speedy Rebel Corvette
We maneuvered a few turns and my gladiator was lining up for a perfect shot when this happened - off the board and hence out of the game!  Another win to Sean!

Armada is proving to be a real go-to game for us and our new mat makes it an even better experience - thanks Steve!


Steven MacLauchlan said...

Yes! That looks much better! Are you guys playing on a 3'x3'?

jmilesr said...

We're using a 3'x4' setup, with the 4' on each player side.

Steven MacLauchlan said...

Gotcha! That extra 2 feet of "flank" can be really useful for the Rebels! Give 6x3 a shot!