Friday, June 12, 2015

Sectional Terrain: Burst of Activity

 Last night was a particularly productive session as I managed to both paint and apply the fist layer of ground cover (Static Grass) to the remaining boards.

The first picture shows the river board - I'll be scratch building a bridge to give me an option to place over the ford.  I also haven't decided how to finish the river itself - just paint the water and then apply epoxy to go for a deep look or glue down sand and light gravel to the river bed before applying the epoxy to go fora shallow look - any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

 The re-done hill sections will the first covering of static grass.  Given the hillsides will see a lot of wear and tear, I really went pretty heavy with the matt medium solution.  When if dies it will be extremely durable.
 Another board set up right to dry to save space.  It kind of looks likes I placed it under a statue favorited by pigeons.  Thats just some of the glue streaking a bit - it will dry clear.
Surprise! a different board.  All-in-all, I finished the basic ground texturing for 4 2x4 panels and 1 2x2.  While not superb, the boards are now playable so I've got 60 square feet "done-ish" - which is what I need for the Historicon game.

The remaining steps are to:

(1) add some additional ground textures and color variations to the boards
(2) finish the blending of the re-done hill sections
(3) decide how to and then execute the river scenery
(4) dress up the sides
(5) build a transport case to facilitate moving these bad boys around a convention

After that, it's the remaining scenery work

(6) Build 10+ tree plates - the trees will be removable so they are more durable during transport.  I love my Architects of War tree plates but transporting them can be difficult)
(7) Misc fences - I've got a bunch of Renedra fences to paint up
(8) Roads
(9) 14" long bridge to go over the ford
(10) Scenery for the Ironclad game - mostly shorelines and islands.  Since it's 1/600 scale it isn't that imposing

With 5 weeks to go, it will be close but doable.


DeanM said...

Impressive terrain work again, Miles. Although terrain boards are far nicer, I've stuck to mats for the ease of storage and transport.

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Great progress, I'm following curiously.