Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Star Wars Armada and Yet More Wild Life

 My son and I have been playing a lot of Star Wars Armada and I must say it's a fantastic game.  Easy to pick up but with a lot of nuance.  The picture shows one of my Imperial Star Destroyers just seconds before being blasted into dust by the Nebulon B Frigate on her tail.  The Neb had no shields of my Tie's would have gotten her if Sean rolled badly - what a great game.

To put it mildly we are hooked!

 As I was driving down the drive the other day I was greeted by someone taking a nap under our Crepe Myrtle tree - you can see her head poking out of the grass.
 Our visitor was a bit miffed ay being awakened and trundled off into the woods.  If only it was Deer season.....
 We were also visited by a terrapin on he way to lay some eggs.
 Some of my wife summer flowers have started to bloom - summer is a very nice time here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland - especially with Star Wars Armada out!


Curt C said...

I jumped in with Armada as well (both feet with all the trimmings - ouch) and we really enjoyed our first game. The scale somehow appeals to my lizard brain better than X-Wing - it seems more akin to the spirit of the films.

Chris Stoesen said...

I am curious, could you use the fighters from Armada with the larger ships from X-wing to play X-Wing? It seems it would put the larger ships closer to being of a size with the fighters. Do you think it would work?