Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sectional Terrain: First Test Fit

 First test fit of the terrain boards for Historicon - it's a 6x10 playing surface.  Everything fit together without a problem (whew!).  I need to adjust the shading on the middle boards (they were done first).  Other than some minor and detailing it's on to do some roads, tree plates and fences.

Oh and I still need to finish the river.  I've got a small test piece in process to see how the river bottom should be done.
 A close up of the hill.  There's a lot of detail work to do to dress up the slopes and rock formations but that's easy to do and can be tackled in small steps.
 The river.  I'll build a simple bridge to go over the lower ford and leave the upper one without a bridge.  The sandy bottom in the depression in the lower left will be repainted light brown to match the open spaces and fields.  The light tan (a house paint based on the Vallejo Iraqi Sand paint) is just to bright.

Another view down the field of battle.
 A very blurry close up of the hill.
The field section with crops added.  You can still see some of the glue as it drys but it fade to clear overnight.   I like how this one came out and it's a lot better than the initial version.....

Oh the horror of my "field of measles".  One of the fun things about a terrain project is it's relatively easy to recover from mistakes.

Lets go make some tree plates!


Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Excellent work. The board looks really good.

john de terre neuve said...

Looks like it is coming along. I look forward to seeing the rivers.