Monday, June 1, 2015

A Little Sailing and a White Deer!

 It was a banner weekend on the Chesapeake - as mentioned in an earlier post,  My friend Mike M and his family visited us for the the day.  We got a quick sail in (about 10 Nautical Miles) and spent the rest of the day ashore.  It was a banner weekend for wildlife on the Eastern Shore and I got a few pictures while driving down through our property.  First up is a very rare white deer.  I saw this chap as a fawn a few years ago and didn't expect him to make it to adulthood - white is not the best natural camouflage.

 Next up is a wild turkey.  This one a is a Tom and was in full plumage display when I first came up to him.  I was to slow to get the camera phone out so you just get a shot of him walking away.  The wild turkeys are my favorite animal on the Eastern Shore and one does wind up on our table for Thanksgiving!

 The obligatory cute bunny picture.  This one was busily munching mulberries and let me get within 8 feet or so before bolting.

Two sightings of the "White Deer" in the same weekend - this one is across our field eating summer wheat.

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Rodger said...

How cool is that! Cracker photos!