Sunday, May 31, 2015

First Units of the British Intervention Force Arrive - Pictures Edited

 The first units of the British Intervention Force (BIF) have arrived. These were painted by my game co-host Mike M and are just superb.  Completed to date are 3, 24 fig Infantry battalions, a high command stand and an officer.  In the pipeline are a unit of Lancers, 3 more infantry battalions and some more artillery.  All of the miniatures are 28mm metals from the Perry British Intevention Force line.  They are wonderful sculpts.

A close up of the infantry.  Mike really did a nice job on these.  I really like the crisp red iniforms and think they look splendid on the tabletop when marching alongside the confederate greys and union blues.

The command stands.  My pictures do not do the High Command stand justice - It's amazingly painted and a real gem.

Lastly a close up of the infantry.

How will these plucky Brtis do against the battle hardened Union forces on the tabletop?  You'll need to register for my games at Historicon this year to find out  T-340  - F-341 in the HCON PEL.


DeanM said...


I must admit to having no knowledge of this action, but the figures look great; although the images seem to not be able to enlarge.

Sascha said...

Looking forward to see your brits fighting the union!

Sean said...

Looks very exciting. I will say that I also wish the pictures were a tad larger. :(

jmilesr said...

I did the original post via my I-Pad which somehow doesn't allow pictures to be enlarged. I've edited the post so you should be able to "embiggen" the pictures now.