Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sectional Terrain: Mountains of Foam

Two more 2x2 foot sections have been started which are raised terrain.  The design goal is to build two mountain (Ok, hill) sections that when placed back to back create one large hill but when turned around can create a narrow pass for an ambush or choke-point style scenario.

 I used the Proxxon Thermocutter to bevel the 1 inch polystyrene foam at a 30 degree angle to form the mass of the hills.  30 degrees is as steep as one can go and still have a figure stand up on it.

 The second hill section.  the lower tier of the hill is 18 inches wide at the bottom  and the top tier is 12 inches wide.  Both are centered of their respective board edges so the match up.  There will be a little fiddling at the end bur they are good matches.  I'll cover the exposed pink foam on the ends with some 1/16 inch think polystyrene sheeting.

 Hill section #1 with some ground texture added. I also reduced the grade on about half of the sides with some plaster cloth and tile grout tinted with paint.  Being a little obsessive, i did add a narrow pathway up the top of the hill (on the left) so I can answer a players question on how did the artillery get up there.  By the way, that's a hint for the upcoming Historicon game!
Hill section #2 - if you compare the right edger of the photo above with the left edge of the last picture you can see where the hill match up.  Flip them around and there the narrow pass.

Once the tile grout sets (which has white glue mixed in for stability) I'll carve some cliff faces in and the next step will be scenicing.

I'm very pleased with how these two sections are shaping up.


friendlyfungus said...

This looks to be excellent. I'm jealous of your terrain skills!

jmilesr said...

Lets see how this comes out before completing any terrain making skills - I'm making LOTS of mistakes along the way!