Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Long Weekend & a New Airbrush

 It was a wonderful weekend here in St Michaels - steady wind from the south at 12-15 knots.  Sean and I took the Bucentuare out on Sunday.  Our original plan was to practice turns for an upcoming regatta but that quickly thrown overboard as it was just too nice.

 The St Michaels harbor was jammed and there were at least 60-65 boats anchored outside.  Sadly, there were a lot of power boats flitting about.  Sailboaters are legally required to both look down upon and say snide things about power boats and their owners.  It's just the nature to things.
 It was a near perfect day to sail.  We got in 26 nautical miles in 3.5 hours so averaged 7.4 knots/hour.  At one time we had her at 9.1 knots for a few minutes.
 We did pass a beautiful schooner - I thinks it's a Hinkley but I'm not sure.   One day......
 I did get some painting time in over the weekend.  Unfortunately, it was wife-sanctioned painting of our patio furniture.  The first step was a quick test to ensure spousal approval.  I've learned NEVER to skip this test on any sanctioned project as the ramifications can be very bad.  Once the required approvals were obtained, documented, notarized and filed for safekeeping I went about the business of painting.  I've been seeing a lot of post on the value of an airbrush for our hobby so wanted to really try one out.  So here goes.....
 To be honest I'm not sure how people paint miniatures with one of these things.  It puts out a lot of paint but man it took like 40 eye dropper bottles of Vallejo black to fill up the paint reservoir.  
Nearly done.  We ran out of black paint before finishing the last few chairs so there will be some follow on work next weekend.  My son did have a bit of a mishap.  While spraying some water through the paint gun to clean it he got a little careless and managed to hit the far right corner of the white garden fence - which now has a bunch of spots in some crazy monochromatic leopard spot design.  It's a race to see if he can repaint that part before his Mom discovers the error.

By the way, you can catch a glimpse of my lovely yet fierce wife in the last picture - the turquoise spot in the center.  She says she was planting herbs but I think she was keeping an eye on Sean and me.


TamsinP said...

So, you're on a 1:1 scale terrain project at the moment then? You do realise that as you are painting them they *could* count for the Challenge if you can postpone the rest of the project until the end of the year, unlike the military desk chair of two Challenges ago. Mind you, you'd have to weaponise them so that they don't count as terrain ;)

jmilesr said...

Maybe I could paint them in a camo pattern rather than just flat black!

Peter Douglas said...


Great sailing pictures. However I think you need to go back to yacht spotting 101, the two master is a ketch not a schooner! I agree with your comment about "spousal approval", however that's a lesson that I find I need to relearn many times. Does your wife not read your blog or have you deliberately dropped your son in it?
Cheers, PD