Friday, May 15, 2015

Sectional Terrain: Hill sections done but.....

 The basic scenting for the hill sections is done and you can see a few pic's of the two sections put together.  There's an obvious problem - the 1/4 inch gap, which seems to have occurred when the foam on the left section slide in while glueing.  It's not completely square and hence the gap.

The easiest way to fix this is to simple trim 3/4's an inch from the ends of each section and replace that with some 1x2 lumber that's trimmed to match.  Doing so will ensure a clean fit and serve to better protect the sides when the units are in transit.

 Given the lighting in my workshop, I've decided to put off any of the detail screen work until I can move the sections inside and lay them out on my gaming table.

 The lighter shade at the top of the hills needs to be toned down a bit but is there to serve as a playing add to clearly make the hill tops.
 Overall, despite the issues matching the ends, I'm happy with how these came out.  I knew I had to reinforce the hill ends so the minor demo work really isn't that big of a set back.
The basic ground cover of the river get section has been put down.  I'm debating is the river should be shallow and thus have a sandy bottom visible or deep and just painted.  I many compromise and just put the shady bottom where the ford is.

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Dave said...

You have certainly thrown yourself into the deep end with this terrain making lark Miles, some good tips too very helpful, I'm interested to see where you go with the garden/field. Check out the Quindia Studios blog, Clarence has some excellent posts on making terrain and I have spent a bit of time learning from them. Look forward to your next terrainy adventure and seeing you get the boat on the water.