Friday, May 8, 2015

Sectional Terrain: Rocky Depression Section

 A few "in-process" shots of the rocky "depression" terrain board.  The rock face has been dry brushed with 3 shades of progressively lighter grey.  The sandy area alongside the rocks has also been painted and I'm waiting for it to dry before applying the ground scenery.  There were some white spots poking through the brown  base paint and since I had the sand color out I used it to fill the gaps.
 A few close up shots of the rocks.  I may hit them with a final dry brush of white but I really like how they came out.  The rock face itself has lots of spaces the can hold figure bases about 1/2 the way so a player can put figure just poking over the top of the rocks or have them completely hidden down on the sand.
When making scenery like this it's important not to rush from one step to another - the Iraqi Sand* paint needs to dry completely before any static grass or ground foam is applied or I get some where I don't want it.  I've learned that it's best to do terrain in fairly large batches and actually lay out you production steps on a checklist.  Almost all of my terrain "disasters" have come when I've tried to rush things.

* Another tip is that is that while I really like Vallejo paints they aren't really cost effective to use for terrain.  I created some Paint sample cards of the colors I use for terrain Flat Brown, German Camo Orange (great for dry brushing) and Iraqi Sand and took them to my local hardware store and had some some 1 quart paint pails made up.  Now I've got plenty of terrain paint in a thick and very durable latex.


Michael Mills said...

Fantastic looking rock face! You're 100% spot on regards the miniature paints. I do the same thing for my terrain and use the same sample pot paints for basing as well.

Monty said...

Very, very nice!