Saturday, May 30, 2015

Historicon 2015: My games are on the PEL

The two games that Mike and I are running are up on the Historicon PEL  - the PEL can be found here:

My games are
T-340, Thurs from 2:00-6:00pm
"Decision in Delmarva Part 1: The British Force a Landing
A 1/600 scale naval battle pitting a Britsh/CSA fleet against the battered remnants of a Union navy trying to block the landing of a Britsh army in the Delmarva peninsula.  The outcome of this game sets the stage for Friday's land battle. 

F-341, Fri from 2:00 - 6:00
Decision in Delmarve Part 2: The Assault
A combined British / CSA army will either attack the Union if the landings in the previous game are succesul or an out numbered CSA force will be defending against a larger Union force and hoping that the British reinforcements that were forced to land further down due to loosing the naval encounter arrive in time.  This game will use the Longstreet Ruleset with 28mm scale mini's including the new Perry British Intervention Force figures.  Each side will have over 20 battalions on the table.

If your going to Historicon - consider signing up - the games will be fun and the prizes are beyond your dreams of avarice (well maybe not all that big but still good)

Also check out the Architects of War "All Quiet on the Martian Front" games at the con this year.  The game last year was spectacular and this year promises to be even more impressive.

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Pastor Burt said...

Looks like both will be really fun. Alas, I am running two games as well, though, and our times overlap.

I had a great time last year during your American UnCivil War game. Great terrain, figs, and scenario!

My 12 year old and I, however, are signed up for Ernie's All Quiet game on Saturday morning. Looking forward to that!