Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Historical Day 3

 Mike and I ran three games on Saturday - the first game was Grapeshot on the Chesapeake and it was another rousing game in which a number of friends played including John S, Mike P and Steven McL.

 Ramming Speed!
 The Brit Heavy Cav overrun the fort

 Victory to the British!

 The second game was another go of Madman's Steeplechase with friends Mike P Eric Land Matt F playing

 I got the players to give a nice round of Huzzah after the game!

 The third and final game Saturday was a final run of Grapeshot of the Chesapeake which started at 9pm

 We had three pairs of fathers and son playing the game which made it a lot of fun

My gaming table after getting everything packed up
Me Sunday afternoon after unpacking all my stuff upon arriving home.

It was a fantastic con and I really appreciate all the great players we had.  More importantly - thanks to Mike for partnering to put these games on and his amazing painting skills.

I'll do a final post on my thoughts about the convention but I'm definitely going back next year.


Paul O'G said...

Well done mate - our Hobby is a much better place because of guys like you who go to all that effort for others to enjoy. Thanks.

Peter Douglas said...

Well done Mila, you've done yourself and the hobby proud. You've earned yourself sometime in the hammock. Glass of red wine at the ready?
Cheers, Peter

jmilesr said...

Glass? Try a bottle and a funnel!

I really enjoyed running the games and will do so again next year - it was a blast

Eric Lott said...

Miles, awesome time, and awesome games! look forward to your games in the future.

jmilesr said...

Eric you are always welcome at any game I put on - plus we need to craft an alliance between the hunters and engineers against the fisherman!