Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Historicon 2016: Packing List

Heading out tomorrow afternoon and I needed to write down my packing list so here goes

Terrain Panels:
8, 2ft x 4ft sections
5, 2ft x 2ft sections

16 Tree plates (plus trees)
Shipyard details
Camp Details
Farmhouse and Pigsty
Corn field (28 pieces)
8' stone fencing
6' rail fencing
1ft x1ft fort
26' of road (may not use it all)

Troops (Roughly 1,600 figures)

10 Infantry Battalions
1 Brit Marine
2 Portuguese
1 Canadian Glengarry Rifles
2 Calvary Regiments
6 guns/ crew
Command Figures

8 US Battalions
1 Mounted Kentucky Rifles
4 guns/crew
Command figures

(will not use them all in one game)
6 Infantry Battalions
4 Calvary Regiments
2 guns / crews
Command Figures

Wasp (36" long, 10" wide, 30" high - a little nervous how this will survive the trip)
1 US gunboat (18' long)
1 British gunboat (14" long)
12 stands of naval crew

Native Americans
2 Warbands (36 figures each)

Gaming Aids:
8 custom made player decks (and 1 spare)
Game Title Signs (makes it easier to find the game)
3 sets of D6

Hobby Supplies (to fix travel and to tabletop wear and tear)
- paint
- Glues
- hobby tools


Peter Douglas said...

Quite a packing list, and you haven't listed clothes or snacks! Will it all fit in one vehicle or is it a convoy affair?

Martin Cooke said...

Matt Crump of wargamesinthedungeon blog over here in UK is making his 1st trip to historicon. I'll tell him to pop over

Clarence Harrison said...

Tape measures! Don't forget those (I didn't see them on your list... I left them off of my the first time through)...

When are your games running?

jmilesr said...

Peter - a change of clorthes is an optional extravagance

Martin - I look forward to meeting Mr Crump

Clarence - good catch on the tape measures! Duct tape to!

My games are running
Thursday at 10:00am and 4:00
Friday 10:00am and 7:00 pm
Sat 9:00 am, 3:00pm and 9:00 pm

Paul O'G said...

Don't forget a beer cookie too!

My friend John flew over yesterday and has a morning game on your table. I'll need some pictures!