Monday, July 18, 2016

Historicon 2016: Day 2!

 As Friday dawned the tally for the Grapeshot on the Chesapeake game stood at 2 American wins to 1 British - there was a third game late Thursday night that I forgot to take pictures of.  I'm sure the rule modification of a re-roll if a beer is purchased for the GM had no impact on that.

Lets start this post with a more detailed walk-through of the order of battle.  First the US first brigade which has 2 infantry battalions along the upper wall, a unit of mounted rifles and the reserve infantry battalion.  The is common also has the skeleton crew on the Wasp and the US gunboat.

 The second US command has 3 infantry brigades and the fort/battery.
 The fourth brigade has the large battery on the hill, 2 US infantry battalions, 2 French Infantry battalions and the allied Indians.

One note - I added a card in the deck called "Broken Treaty"  it could be played once per side and if done so a dice was rolled - on a 3+ the enemy's Native American allies switched to your control BUT if a 1 or 2 was rolled your Native American allies switched to the other side.  It was played in every game and was great fun.
 The last command for the US is the French relief force which had 3 big calvary groups and 4 infantry battalions.
 Another shot from the French side of the board.
 Now the British - the delaying force consisted of an artillery battery, a British infantry battalion, a group of Hussars and the 2 Portuguese infantry battalions.

 The British 3rd brigade 3 infantry Battalions, the 60th Rifles and a large Battery on a hill just to the left of the picture
 Here's the 3rd brigades artillery.  The 2 Brigade was the main punch of the British and consisted of 4 beefy infantry battalions and the heavy cavalry.
 Lastly the British 1 st Brigade - 2 Infantry battalions, the Native American allies a gunboat and the British Marines.

 Oops! I forgot to change out the Wasp's nameplate - well at least the painting challenge got some free advertising.

 A quick shot from my table - Clarences and Barry's table was just a few down and was constantly mobbed - Beneath the Lilly Banners looks to be a wonderful ruleset!
 OK the first game of the day.  This one had my fourth father son -duo playing on opposites sides.  My how son's love to play cards against their fathers in these games!

 The game resulted in a British Victory as two of the three objectives were seized.  I did particularly like the screen the marines provided for the heavy cavalry as it ran to the shipyard.

The tally now stands at 2 American and 2 British Wins
 The player group from the Friday morning game.
 My gaming buddy Mike arrived around 2:00pm on Friday and we re-set the table for our AWI-themed Muskets and Tomahawks game.  Mike brought his wonderfully painted figures (including the lavender uniformed Lee's Legion) and we used some of my Indians.  The terrain was re-aranged a bit also.
The scenario had 4 players per side all with there own "secret objectives".  The main scenario goals was for the American side to capture the British supply wagon train.

Note to self - I really screwed up the scheduling as I had the two games alternative over Friday and Saturday which meant constantly resting the table - I'll not make the mistake again.


 Mike's initial player briefings
 Battle commences!

Another group of happy players!

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