Sunday, July 17, 2016

Historicon 2016: Day 1, Thursday July 14

 On the first day of Historicon, I ran my game titled "Grapeshot of the Chesapeake, with a hint of Garlic?" twice - once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  It's set on a 20ft x 6 ft wide table and is set during the War of 1812, only with a French Intervention!

The specific battle depicted the British assaulting a US held port with 3 objectives - seize the Frigate Wasp, burn the Shipyard and capture the military camp (the tents).  If the Brits got 2 out of the three they win.  The game has 8 players and close to 1,500 figures on the table.  The rules for the game are based on Longstreet but with custom "War of 1812" command cards.   Longstreet is a fun ruleset and great for conventions as it's easy to pick up.

 The first group of players is all set.  I was very pleased to see Ivar and his son Jacob playing as they are regulars in my games and a joy to have around the table.

 Battle is commented with the opening British moves....

 The British casualties are piling up as they cross the open field towards the military camp.
 A decisive breakthrough for the Brits as there gun boat (will a cargo of Royal Marines) manages to pull alongside the Wasp.  The Wasp only had a skeleton crew and could only fire one gun per turn.

 The stone wall would prove a tough nut to crack all convention.
 The Wasp has been taken!

 On the French end of the table some really bad die rolling by the Brits ensures the French speed their relief force along
 The Britsh manage to take the fort but can't get past it to the camp.  The US also managed to hold the shipyard and retake the Wasp for a complete US victory!
 The players from game 1.  Florence (front left) defend the US port and had amazing dice rolls - I renamed her "Notorious Flo".  Everyone had a great time and the game went down to the last turn.
 A shot of Clarences' and Barry's table for their games - it really was a thing go beaty.
 Set up for the second game.  I moved a few units around to tweak things.
 The Wasp in all her Glory.   The ship model was great to game with but a real pain to transport.
 Fe shots moving down the table - US player 1
 US Player 2
 Us Player 3
US Player 4 (the French commander)
 British Player 4
 British Player 3
 British Player 2
 British Player 1 - includes the gunboat and marine Battalion.
 Gem two commences with a very aggressive British advance by two fellows from Australia.

 Jakob played a second game
 Eric R. command the British naval forces
 closing, closing....
 A luck shot take out the American artillery battery

 British Marines take the Wasp and the pout or try attack the Americans in the flank.  In the end it was a sweeping British Victory as they managed to take all three objectives!
The full crew from Game 2, including the US commander who was 10, but a very canny gamer and exceptionally nice kid.

My game earned an award that evening for best game of the night. I'm actually not sure what the award means.  The HMGS guys show up and give you the award, take a picture and wander off.  Still its very flattering to win and I'm very grateful.

So that was my first day at HCON - overall not-to-shabby!


Cyrus said...

Brilliant games Miles!

Ray Rousell said...

What a great looking game, Miles!

Phil said...

Awesome looking games!

Francis Lee said...

Very impressive Miles!

Paul O'G said...

Thats my mate John holding up the uncannily good 10 year old Commander. John said he had an absolute ball playing with you and enjoying your gaming goodies, which was no surprise to me at all!

Congrats on being a multiple Historicon Award winner!

Der Alte Fritz said...

Great looking game. I was wondering where the ship model comes from or is it a scratch build by you?


Rod Forehand said...

Great looking game!

jmilesr said...

Thanks for the nice comments

Jim - the ships are from Laser Dream works with a good bit of modifications.

Ivor Evans said...

As usual, fantastic stuff Miles! It was great to see you (and Mike briefly) again! Congrats on the award (three years in a row now?!) well deserved! Can't wait to see what you come up with for next year :)

Ivor Evans said...

Oh yeah, very pleased to be the proud owner of the photo of that awful dice rolling too :)
I think you need a rules set where 1's and 2's are GOOD, I'd be great at that game!

Slowpainter said...

It may have taken me over a year to say this (I am easily distracted!) but thank you for an excellent game. Brilliant scenario on a beautiful table with a bunch of friendly chaps, what more could an old gamer want? John.

jmilesr said...

You're welcome!