Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Operation Clean Out: Underway

 Our Summer clean out operation has commenced and after 1/2 day limited signs of progress can be seen.

In the background is the rather brightly colored orange rubbish bin I've rented.  Orange is the color my wife hates the mosts and there have been accusations of me deliberately choosing this color to tease her.  Honestly, you're really not given color choices when renting a rubbish bin.

Doesn't look like much progress, does it?
Ahhh - a corner has been cleared out!
 Of course piling stuff upon the surfaces that will be retained has some negatives.
After a few hours work the bin isn't all that full - we'll see about that over the next few days.


Peter Douglas said...

I can see signs of progress, but yes the reordering and sorting process can look like regressive movement at times. I consider this sort of project a success as long as I'm not one of the items tossed in the rubbish bin!
Good luck

Paul O'G said...

Step by step Miles - like any modelling project really! :-)

Matt Crump said...

Just double check you don't throw anything important away !ūüėÄ