Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Operation Clean Up: Day 2 Some Progress.....

 Some progress has been made and a lot of stuff has been removed to the rubbish bin.  The assemble table has been cleared off and is ready to start todays project - a rolling miter saw workbench.

Which will go here (I think) and replace the current metal brace I'm using now.  I'm sure I'm using it wrong as it get too much variability in cut lengths.
 The tool cart is in a temporary location but the tops have been organized.  Eventually I'll build some cabinets under the work bench to the right (which has the drill press) which is where I'll store all my terrain making materials.  Hopefully the definition of eventually is this coming Friday!

I "rediscovered" my workshop desk!  Its good to have a planning are in a shop where one can sit down and have a think or, more likely, find creative ways to procrastinate.   The three cardboard boxes are 4" inch caster wheels which I'll be using for the rolling workbenches.

I am awaiting delivery of a new band saw (my old one broke and the new one's price was less than its repair cost.  I really hadn't planned on a new band saw but then the whole "accidental" click into my cart on Amazon and well I thought it would be rude to cancel the transaction.
This is what the shop looked like the night before.  I'm pleased with the progress to date but need to head off to Home Depot to grab some lumber to build the Miter saw station.

I've been listening to a great book on Audible from by Nick Offerman (who also narrates) entitled "Good, Clean Fun, Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop" which is his thoughts woodworking.  It's very funny and a light listen.  I didn't know Mr Offerman was a woodworker / stage builder before becoming a actor.  He does have a quirky style, which I find funny but he does make fun of consumerism and fru-fru coffee swilling. I heartily approve.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Making progress? We need proof.. a time lapse of the inside of the big orange bin will do.. :o))

Steven Williams said...

You're a braver man than I...