Friday, August 18, 2017

Wood Working for Wargamers: Hand Tools Post #3

Pictured is what I think is a good set of hand tools one would need to be able to start into woodworking.  By now I've got 5x this number but these are the ones I use the most.  Total cost for all of these new is around $400.00 but if taken care of, they pretty much last forever.  I priced mid-to high end as I've found it never pays to go with really cheap tools.  They're cheap for a reason.
On the left are the safety and measuring marking tools.  In the upper left are safety glasses, ear plugs (really only needed for power tools) and not pictured a dust mask.  Next are a combination square, speed square (the big triangle) a level.  The more esoteric tools include a marking knife and wheel marking gauge.  In the lower right some screen drivers and pliers.
In the center are the cutting tools, which are (from L to R) a coping saw (the "C" with a handle) and standard push saw and two Japanese pull saw.  Push and Pull refer to which stroke the cut is made  Next are some chisels (I wouldn't find all of them) a rubber mallet and a hammer.  The rubber mallet has been dubbed "the Persuader" and has gently nudged many a part into place.

The last group contains a cordless power drill.  I prefer DeWalt tools and is a mid priced model.  It came with two batteries which is really helpful.  Also pictured at the bottom is a black plane and clamps, lots of clamps.  You'll NEVER have enough clamps - ever.

The uses of some of these tools may not be that obvious but, hopefully, over the series of post I can explain how to use them.

I really need to get my work space organized which will be next weeks project.

Here's a list of all the hand tools I think you should have.  Other's may have different opinions but these have worked well for me.

Hand Tools      
   Cost    Source
Eye Protection  $5.00   Home Depot
Dust Mask  $5.00   Home Depot
Ear Plugs  $2.50   Home Depot
Measuring and Marking      
2 Tape measurerers, 16 ft or greater  $10.00   Home Depot
Combination Square  $10.00   Home Depot
Wheel Marking Guage  $17.00
Marking Knife  $8.00
24 Inch metal Ruler  $5.00   Home Depot
Framing Square  $12.00   Home Depot
Level 9"  $5.00   Home Depot
Pencil  $-     Your Desk 
Hand Tools      
Screw Driver set  $15.00   Home Depot
Chisel Set (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 inch)  $14.00   Home Depot
File set  $20.00   Home Depot
Pliers  $10.00   Home Depot
Hammer  $5.00   Home Depot
Mallet  $5.00   Home Depot
Push Saw  $10.00   Home Depot
Coping Saw  $8.00   Home Depot
Japanese Pull Saw  $48.00
Block Plane (#4 size)  $20.00   Home Depot
Cordless Drill w bit set  $75.00   Home Depot
Clamps (you'll never have enough)  $75.00   Home Depot
Total  $384.50    



Michael Mills said...

Another great post! I'm slightly suspicious though mate... everything looks remarkably clean and unused :-)

jmilesr said...

Gotta take care of ones tools - just like brushes!

Steven Williams said...

That's a really helpful list - thanks.