Sunday, September 17, 2017

My New Friend in St Michaels

I met one of our neighbors while working in the Garden - a very elegant Northern Rough Greensake.  These are very small snakes that spend most of their time in trees.  This young lad or lass was about 24 inches long and rather docile.

 I was able to pick him/her up without any aggressive response.  These snakes primarily eat insects so are welcome garden area residents.
Kind of cute, in a reptilian sort of way.  After a short somewhat one-sided conversation I put the snake back in a tree and he was on his way.


Paul Smith said...

Awww what a cute little thing

Ray Rousell said...

You don't get many of them over here in Blighty!

Michael Mills said...

LOL. Where I live the idea of picking snakes up is madness!

jmilesr said...

Michael - that's because you live in a part of the world where humans are in the middle of the food chain rather than near the top!

Only 2 poisonous snakes in Maryland - A timber rattler and a copperhead. Both are rare and very hard to mistake.