Friday, September 15, 2017

To the UK and Back in 2 Days!

 I had an unscheduled and short trip to London this week Flew in Monday am and flew out Wed am.  Sadly on the ground for less than 48hrs.  The weather was very nice as the picture of Nelson's column attests to.

 While in London it's a legal requirement to spend time in a pub, and I'm all for following the rules.  This pub pictured was named "The Jugged Hare" and was very nice.  It's located about a block away from the Barbican Theater.  The pub does get overrun with Lawyers which is something to watch out for.  My favorite pub in London still remains the Black Dog in Vauxhall.

Pictured is Justin getting another round from the barman.    Justin is CEO of one of our companies, ClearScore and I'm on his board.  If you search the ClearScore website there's some information about me and (gasp) even some pictures.  I'm really ugly so it's not worth looking up unless you feel the need to be punished visually.

On the flight back with a glass of Chilean red.  I started to watch a really bad movie titled "King Arthur" - and thankfully fell asleep about halfway though.  This one was directed by Guy Ritchie and I find most of his stuff to be very tiresome.  Perhaps it's a sign that I'm aging.

I'm scheduled to be back the week of October 9th and will try to stay over that following weekend to see if I can get some gaming in while staying in Ole' Blighty.


Lee Hadley said...

Looks like you found the only decent weather all week.

alastair said...

I think finding Guy Ritchie tiresome is simply a sign of taste, not ageing :)

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

We like ClearScore in my house - or rather we like the dog in the adverts.. stroke of genius... :o)