Thursday, September 21, 2017

Wood Working for Wargmaers: What is it - a Lumber Cart, Post 9

Ok, it's not the most exciting of projects but it's really useful and fulfills my pledge to the Mrs. that the garage could be used to house her car.  It's relatively small (4 ft long by 30 inches wide) but can store a moderate level of stock.  Sheet goods go on one side (the right in the picture) and boards on the other

I still need to add a rack along the top of the left side for stock longer the 5 ft and will do that tonight.

The largish bin on the left side is a great place to store cut-offs and other remnants as I can roll the bin up to whichever tool I'm using and just toss the off cuts in.

I made this from a set of plans that were had a design of 8 in length but I've decided the best place to store lumber is - at the lumber yard.

With my solemn honey-do pledges completed, I can move on to more interesting and more directly related to wargaming projects.

Next up:  Either a troop transport chest or dice tower...

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