Monday, October 2, 2017

Fall on the Eastern Shore

 It's officially Fall over here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland - it's my favorite time of year and I thought I'd take some photos of the fall colors in out yard.

 This photo of a butterfly in flight came out nicely with the sun's rays and pool in the background
 Nice reds and
 yellows throughout the garden.
 Our vegetable garden is on it's last legs.  Some of the tomatoes are dying off and the rest are on a race to ripen before the first frost on October.

 We did get buckets full of tomatoes this year and have a few gallons of sauce stored in the freezer to help get through the darker months of the winter.  My wife's tomatoes sauce is the real reason for my painting productivity during the Painting Challenge!
 A few more tomatoes and behind those are some Zucchinis and Peas.
The lettuce on the left is doing nicely.

We've got 2-3 weeks left before the first frosts take the garden.  Still it was a good year.


Paul Smith said...

I like this time of year as well. Lovely looking garden you have there! Our garden is slowly turning red as the Virginia creeper goes from green to bright red. We also still have strawberries, raspberries and blackberries trying to grow new buds and berries...

Peter Douglas said...

Sigh, I miss fall- we have a very short one on the prairies. Garden looks great - we're big fans of raised beds too but not as nice as yours. We pulled out the tomatoes yesterday - Lynne made passata which for the freezer and more God our bolognase sauce for supper..
Cheers, Peter

Steven Williams said...

I always enjoy seeing shots of the world around your hobby - I'm lucky enough to have moved to a house with a vegetable patch and greenhouse, so next year I'll be gardening in tandem with you.