Sunday, October 8, 2017

Wood Working for Wargamers: Troop Transport Care, post 11

 I had a few hours free this morning and managed to rough out the storage draws for the Troop Transport Case.  It's beginning to look a bit more than just a plywood box.
 This picture shows the installation of the supports that will hold the fixed top tray.
 A close up of one of the drawers.  Rather than use storage bought draw runners, I'm using 1" inch plywood strips that are attached along the sides of each drawer and then....
Along the bottom  of each case side.  I'll need to sand and then wax the runners but this should work fine and saves me $30.00 of so bucks from metal slides.
Planing the front of each drawer before affixing the face plate
 Face plates attached - it's hard to see them when recessed.
 The top storage tray - great place for rule books and dice and rumor has it it may have a built in dice tower
A short with the drawers pulled out.  I'll attache some drawer pulls later - after I figure out how to make them.  This project should be done in a post of two


Peter Douglas said...

You can build me one of those anyway Miles. Looks great!
Cheers, Peter

Paul Smith said...

Looks very useful, How are you planning on keeping the drawers shut during transport?