Sunday, October 29, 2017

WoodWorking for Wargamers: Troop Carrier Completed, post 13

 Final stages of this project - adding the top and some trim pieces.  The first step is to measure out the foot print for the top.  The most accurate way is the simplest - pit the case on some plywood and trace out the the shape.

 And here are the dimensions - well not really.  I need to enlarge the dimensions but the depth of the rabbit cut on the trim
 I milled some pine stock down to 1 inch high by 3/4 inch wide.  I'll attach the trim with a rabbit which is done on my router table.  The router bit is 1/2 inch wide and will bore out a 1/4 inch trench or 'rabbit' that the plywood top will fit into.  I need to add the depth of the rabbit to each side dimension before cutting out the top.  This will create a snug fit and look good (well hopefully).

 The next phase is testing the rabbited stock's fit. It's perfect.  Sometimes the thickness of plywood varies by 1/16 of an inch so it's always best to test fit.
 And then glue and clamp in place.
 I also added the same size trim to the bottom.
I didn't cut enough stock to make full pieces for all the sides so had to use two smaller pieces.
 I'm not the good a miter joints and had a gap on the tip.  Rather than mill some more stock I cut a shim and then put a mixture of sawdust and glue to fill the gap.  Once that fully dries I'll hit with a little wood putty and know one will be the wiser.

 Everything clamped up and in places
 Can never have too many clamps.
 Here's a shot of the case after it's been sanded and given a coat of danish oil.

 I really like Dainsh Oil as a finish - wipes on with no fuss and is easy to patch later on.
 You can see I used plywood from 2 different sheets - that's why the top drawer is some much darker in wood grain.  For most projects one should try to match the grains better.
 A shot from the rear.

I left the top with a recess also so I could fit in a tournament tray that has scenery.  I've always admired the terrain tournament boards that John B uses for Bolt Action.

There will be one more post on the case - once this cost of oil dries I need to resand and fill some spots but the case is in usable condition.

Oh and I need to add some hardware that's on back order....


Fred Jackson said...

That is a nice piece of work.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Nice piece of furniture, no doubt, but how much does it weigh?

jmilesr said...

it weighs about 12 pounds, unloaded