Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Wood Working for Wargamers: Troop Transport Case, post 12

 I had some free time tonight so snuck into the woodshop and added the carry handles and drawer pulls.  Not all that much but at least some progress.
 The carry handles are made from some 2x2 pine scrap that I cut a 10 degree bevel along.  Once the bevel was done I then cut each piece to 5 inches in length.

Each handle is attached with some wood glue and then two drywall screws through the wall.  The bevel makes it much easier on the hands when carrying.

The drawers pulls are really cheap pre0made ones - I think the pair cost me less than one dollar.

I did some more sanding on the drawer runners and each drawer slides in and out very smoothly.

There are a number of options to use to lock the drawers in place during transport.  That's an important feature as without a locking mechanism, if the case tilts forward during transport the two drawers could fall out.  That's not-so-good.

The easiest way is add a strap along the outside to hold them in place but that looks really bad.  I think I'll use a rod system that's held un place when the top is closed.

All thats left is to build the top, a lot of sanding and then a quick finish.


Maashes Caisteal said...

What is the weight on this guy unloaded?

Will it wheel into and out of your van?

jmilesr said...

It weighs about 10 pounds now and when the lid is attached will end up in the 12-12.5 pound range or 4.5 - 6 kg.

irishserb said...

Very nicely done. I'm curious to see how you make the top. What is the footprint of the case?

Clive G said...

I found your blog only recently, but I'm finding your posts fascinating; they really brighten my day.
Wishing you more power to your elbow!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Have you thought about using magnets to keep the drawers in place during transport?

jmilesr said...

The outside dimensions of the case are:

21.5 Inches wide
14.5 inches deep
14.5 inches high

I thought about magnets to hold the drawers in place but worried they wouldn't be strong enough to hold a drawer in place if it was loaded with metal minis

The top will be removable to use a tournament tray and I think I will use magnets to hold it in place

thanks for the comments

Paul O'G said...

I'll take three with postage to Sydney please Miles.
Though I would prefer you deliver in person so I can spoil you appropriately :-)

John said...

Looks great Miles! I've been investigating troop transports myself, but don't think i have the skills to pull off such a beautiful handcrafted version as you are managing!

I don't see any game prep logs... not running anything at Fall In this year?

legatus hedlius said...

For heaven's sake! You are making furniture!

jmilesr said...

John - no games at Fall-In this year. I’ll run some at cold wars in March.

Paul - i’ll Email the plans!

Legatus - it’s shop furniture, not real furniture!