Thursday, January 11, 2018

Introducing Izzy and Buddy

 My wife wanted to get a new cat, as we our previous cat, Oliver, had recently passed away.  So off we trundled down to the animal rescue center and much to my surprise came back not with one but two rescue cats - a kitten we've named Izzy and and a giant orange beast called Buddy.  I felt the need to point out to my wife that adopting more than two cats at one time puts her dangerously close to "Crazy Cat Lady" status.

Izzy is 4 months old and very adventurous.  There isn't a space in our house that isn't climbable for this cat.

 Buddy, is pretty much the opposite - he's extremely timid and spends most of his time hiding.  We're pretty sure he came from an abusive situation and has become a bit of a project for Mary Beth.  He looks very similar to a cat Mary Beth had as a child so I knew right then he was coming home with us.

Buddy excels at hiding under ottomans and eating.  Skills that I often aspire to.

Izzy has taken a real shine to me and has become my constant companion - you can see her checking out some of the latest updates on the Challenge blog.  I'm not really a cat person but have warmed up to this little one.  I suspect some go my future Challenge submissions will feature cat hair as part base scenery.

If only I could teach her to paint.


Peter Douglas said...

Glad to we that you and your wife have new feline overlords to hold you subservient Miles! Glad that you crawled out from under the Ottoman to post.

David Sullivan said...

Congrats on the new fur-children! Adopting two at a time is no less near to crazy than adopting three in close succession. I often think that the craziness of having three cats is what keeps me sane.

Jacko said...

Congratulations !

Michael Mills said...

Congratulations on your return to human slave status mate. We too have a timid ginger who eats with real dedication but seems to burn it all up in nervous energy.